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 New toy arrived

Audi RS6 V10 Twin Turbo 580BHP Standard

Quick visit to John @ DNA Tuning and came away with around 700bhp.

580bhp made for a very quick car. I thought it was already remapped when I first drove it. Got to John's place he read the file and was standard. Good news for me. He remapped it, removed the top speed limiter and enabled left foot braking (removed the throttle cut when hitting the brake)

Once back on my way home had a few blasts and OH MY GOD this thing is mental. What a fantastic car. I have no doubt it has 700bhp maybe even more.


Total De-Cat, both sets.
Full Stainless Exhaust.
Tint Rear Windows.
10mm Wheel Spacers
Gearbox Remap to allow changes at 7000rpm
Extra sound proofing
Video playback from Iphone

On further investigation Total De-Cat wont be so easy. looks like engine out or at very least dropped to get the front pipes off. Not sure i can be bothered with that just now.

Centre De-Cat is easy enough will look at the and Stainless Exhaust over the next few months. Update 2/10/12 Centre Cats are 200cell. Will leave these in for all the differnce in power and it keeps the car legal.

MPG. Cruising @ 85mph   15.4mpg
           Steady @   60mph   22.5mpg
           Town Stuff                12 mpg

Removing the pre Cats should imporve the MPG as I can run more ignition advance. Did this years ago on my Audi S4 twin turbo and increased MPH by 2-3mpg. better than nothing.

 Update 04-03-2013

Read Files from my car's ECUs along with several logs. Sent to John. I reckon I can get a good but more power out of the beast yet.  

Update 15/03/2013

Flashed my car last night with MPPS (Orginal Not a clone). RS6 has 2 ECU's and can be tricky to flash MPPS made it easy. Good chunk more power and soooo smooth. Still room for more. Will do more logs shortly and remap again. I think torque is about max in lower revs but more to be had from 3k then more power from 4.5k

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